Toronto Pride Parade 2018

Last Sunday was the Pride Parade 2018 in Toronto, and I went there with my wife. She actually participated in the IKEA group with a friend who works there, while I watched the parade. It was wonderful, and I’m very glad that the weather cleared up at the time it started.

I admit: A little tear went out here


The Library was also present!

After the parade, we me with a friend from college and a couple of her friends and had a coffee. (My wife had an Iced White Maccha Latte)


Going to Anime North

I’m going to Anime North tomorrow, and I’m very excited to go, as this is going to be my first anime convention outside of Brazil. If anyone else is going on Sunday, you can contact me on Twitter and we can meet there. My username there is @geek_astronaut.

I moved to Toronto!

Yes, I disappeared from here without notice, and the only new post since a month ago was one previously scheduled. But that’s because I was very busy preparing to move to Toronto from Brazil, and of course, didn’t have time or topic to post here.

But after things start to get better and I’m properly settled, I’ll return posting here (if college don’t use up all my time and make exhausted).

The most Canadian thing to post here

So, sorry for my absence, but I hope I’ll be able to post here more often from now on.