AX Light Novel Announcements

Anime Expo 2018 happened on the previous weekend, and it was awesome to see all the new light novels announcements. Below I’m going to comment the titles that caught my attention, for good or bad.

J-Novel Club

Amagi Brilliant Park (MAL)

I mentioned this title on the post Top 3 Light Novels I Want, so as you can guess, I’m very happy with the announcement. The anime was great, I loved it’s humor and story, and I’m very curious about what happens after the ending of the anime. It has 8 volumes and is already finished!

Kokoro Connect (MAL)

Another Kadokawa title that is also already finished. I didn’t watch the anime, but I already heard about it, and the plot seems very interesting.

Yen Press

Bungo Stray Dogs (MAL)

I only watched the first one or two episodes of the anime, and although I didn’t continue, it did had a very interesting plot. I think I’ll have way more fun with the novels, so I’m going to give it a chance.

86 (MAL)

If I’m correct, this was considered the last year’s best new title. I’m interested on it, but I’m not so sure because of the racism present and how I’m going to actually enjoy it. But I’ll be paying attention to the reviews, for sure.

Penguin Highway and The Night is Young, Walk on Girl

These are not actually light novels, but regular novels, and this is actually what makes me interested on it, as I’ve never read a Japanese novel.

Seven Seas

Mushoku Tensei (MAL)

HELL YEAH! I’m actually surprised that it took that long for this title to be licensed, because it has to be one of the most requested series. The downside is that it’s only coming next year.

Classroom of The Elite (MAL)

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

I’m a bit interested on it, and the reviews and ratings put it here in the end. I was interested on the anime when it aired, but didn’t watch it because I didn’t have time, and in the end, I forgot about it. Maybe now (next year) it’ll be time to read it.

Light Novel Releases: June 24 Week

This week we have 4 new series starting, and we also have 5 releases from ongoing series.

New Series


Volume: 1
Release date: June 26
Publisher: Vertical

Our sorry hero, his reformed girlfriend, and the amnesiac class president have all graduated from their high school out in the boondocks, and self-described Sapphist and ex-basketball ace Kanbaru, retired by reason of an “injury,” is starting her senior year and the narrator of this volume—her voice far more introspectivethan the smutty jock’s we thought we knew.

Bereft of the company of her beloved mentors, the only other person around her with any working knowledge of aberrations the junior Ogi Oshino, apparently a relative of the Hawaiian-shirted folklorist, she feels a bit alone and blue, and sick with dread that the devil residing in her left arm courtesy of the Monkey’s Paw might act up again while she sleeps.

Investigating a rumor that she fears might lead back to her, the former star ends up peering into an abyss of negativity called Roka—a “wax flower” to take the characters’ meaning. Trapped in a pit the like of which could only be escaped by the one girl who was able to pull off slam-dunks in her basketball nationals, can the penitent Kanbaru, however, still be aggressive?

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Light Novel Releases: June 17 Week

This is a slow week for light novel releases: no new series, and only 3 releases from ongoing series.

Ongoing Series

Infinite Stratos

Volume: 2
Release date: June 18
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Author: Izuru Yumizuru

“I’m Charles Dunois. I come from France,” “Bodewig. Laura Bodewig.” The girl-packed IS academy has two new exchange students: the handsome boy Charles and the German girl Laura. Dashing young Charles, a representative of France, is the second male IS pilot after Ichika, and the girls are already head over heels. Meanwhile, platinum blonde Laura’s lithe frame belies a contempt for Ichika that strays into physical violence. What caused her grudge against Ichika? What secrets are hidden by Charles’s nonchalant élan? The IS are rearmed and ready for action!

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Clockwork Planet

Volume: 2
Release date: June 19
Publisher: Seven Seas
Author: [‘Yuu Kamiya’, ‘Tsubaki Himana’]


Three weeks after the attempted purge of Kyoto Grid, Marie receives a mysterious transmission. She heads to Mie Grid to investigate with Halter, Naoto and RyuZU, but what they find is something–or someone–none of them could ever have anticipated! The thrilling second volume of the gearhead fantasy set in motion by Yuu Kamiya x Tsubaki Himana x Sino.

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Outbreak Company

Volume: 4
Release date: June 22
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Author: Ichiro Sakaki


A passage to another world has been discovered in the “Sea of Trees” near Mount Fuji. That other world is the Holy Eldant Empire, and it’s a full-on fantasy universe, with dragons flying through the sky and everything! The Japanese government, eager to profit from this discovery, secretly sets up a company called Amutech to promote trade by bringing otaku culture to the benighted inhabitants of this land. But wouldn’t you know it, their secret got out! Or anyway, it’s about to. And that’s bad, right?

Amutech general manager, former home security guard, and thoroughbred otaku Kanou Shinichi has a solution, and it’s so otaku it hurts: he wants to hold a magical cosplay contest and photo shoot. And in the process, he may be surprised at what he learns about the hidden talents—and the hidden past—of his personal bodyguard, Minori.

Shinichi is in for more than he bargained for (again!) in Volume 4 of Outbreak Company!

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Light Novel Releases (May 14 Week)

This week we have don’t have new series being released, unfortunately, but we have 3 releases from ongoing series.

Ongoing Series

Arifureta: From Commonplace to Worlds Strongest Vol. 2

Release date: May 15
Publisher: Seven Seas
Author: Ryo Shirakome


The Great Orcus Labyrinth lies vanquished–Hajime and Yue return triumphant to the surface. Unfortunately, it’s only the first step on a long journey back home to Earth, and there’s no rest for the weary. A bunny girl named Shea Haulia appears, declaring that she has seen the future: only Hajime can save her tribe from extinction! Hajime’s no hero, but maybe he’ll play the part, just this once…

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Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Vol. 6

Release date: May 15
Publisher: Seven Seas
Author: Ao Jyumonji


The Dusk Realm has begun to attract attention as a new hunting ground. However, all is not well–there’s been a rise in cultist and white giant activity, and massive new monsters have emerged! Together with Soma, the head of the Day Breakers, Haruhiro and the Tokkis get caught up in large-scale military offensive against the inhabitants of the Dusk Realm. Can they make it back to the Day Realm–and if the way is cut off, where will they go?

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The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind! Vol. 2

Release date: May 17
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Author: Gamei Hitsuji

Finally striking out on his own, Suimei departs the castle and heads to the capital to join up with the local branch of the Adventurer’s Guild. He meets a beautiful and talented young woman there who’s received a strange bit of advice from the oracle. They both join up, and Suimei begins his new life as… a totally average mage in this world? What is he thinking? And what of Reiji, Mizuki, and Titania? How will any of them handle their first encounter with a real demon?

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February New Light Novel Releases

This month we have 5 new light novel series being released, 4 by Seven Seas, and 1 by J-Novel Club.

Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average In The Next Life?! (Feb. 1)

This one seems to be very interesting, as usually the main character of isekai novels is a guy. I’ll probably be buying it soon.
When gifted student Kurihara Misato dies right after her high school graduation, she meets God and has a peculiar request: to make her abilities average in the next life. But few things–especially wishes–ever go quite as planned. As she navigates her new life as a ten-year-old girl in a magic-filled world, she realizes God has a unique definition of average!Purchase: Amazon

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