Covers I Love: Raon Lee’s Digimon OP – Butterfly

I used to listen to many song covers on YouTube. Even though I don’t do that much anymore, I still like to discover cool new covers and versions.

The cover I’m sharing today I used to listen to a lot. I remember the first time I discovered Raon Lee’s Digimon cover, I just kept listening to it on repeat, and every time I would listen to it again, it would be at least like, 3 replays.

Madeline Juno: My favorite German singer

A couple years ago I decided to start learning German. While I wasn’t able to start until recently, at that time I wanted to check some German singers so I could start getting used to how it sounds, and be more involved into the (pop) culture.

Then I discovered Madeline Juno. Beautiful voice, great songs, and also my one of my favorite cheer-up/feel good song: Herzchen. Please check it out below!

How not to love this?

I also put below some other songs that I like. Hope you all enjoy :)