AX Light Novel Announcements

Anime Expo 2018 happened on the previous weekend, and it was awesome to see all the new light novels announcements. Below I’m going to comment the titles that caught my attention, for good or bad.

J-Novel Club

Amagi Brilliant Park (MAL)

I mentioned this title on the post Top 3 Light Novels I Want, so as you can guess, I’m very happy with the announcement. The anime was great, I loved it’s humor and story, and I’m very curious about what happens after the ending of the anime. It has 8 volumes and is already finished!

Kokoro Connect (MAL)

Another Kadokawa title that is also already finished. I didn’t watch the anime, but I already heard about it, and the plot seems very interesting.

Yen Press

Bungo Stray Dogs (MAL)

I only watched the first one or two episodes of the anime, and although I didn’t continue, it did had a very interesting plot. I think I’ll have way more fun with the novels, so I’m going to give it a chance.

86 (MAL)

If I’m correct, this was considered the last year’s best new title. I’m interested on it, but I’m not so sure because of the racism present and how I’m going to actually enjoy it. But I’ll be paying attention to the reviews, for sure.

Penguin Highway and The Night is Young, Walk on Girl

These are not actually light novels, but regular novels, and this is actually what makes me interested on it, as I’ve never read a Japanese novel.

Seven Seas

Mushoku Tensei (MAL)

HELL YEAH! I’m actually surprised that it took that long for this title to be licensed, because it has to be one of the most requested series. The downside is that it’s only coming next year.

Classroom of The Elite (MAL)

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

I’m a bit interested on it, and the reviews and ratings put it here in the end. I was interested on the anime when it aired, but didn’t watch it because I didn’t have time, and in the end, I forgot about it. Maybe now (next year) it’ll be time to read it.


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