3 More Light Novels I Want in English

As an anime fan, it is common to watch a light novel based anime and end up wanting more. Unfortunately, many times we don’t get an English translation (official or not). I already posted 3 novels that I want a translation, and now I’m here with 3 more.


This anime was so fun. A lot of misunderstandings, funny situations, and characters that we can relate to. I’m very curious about how everything is going to be, and how they are going to fix all those misunderstandings.

You can buy the anime at Amazon


With two anime seasons released, the show delivered a wonderful blend of story, service, characters and the doujinshi world. As I love this kind of story, about creators or the industry, I had a great time watching it, and I would like to see what’s happens next.


This is kind of a guilty pleasure, but again, it’s a light novel about light novel authors. With the English release of A Sister’s All You Need, hopefully some publisher will release Eromanga-sensei too.


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