Recently Watched: Harry Potter And More

This weekend Iw as at my motther-in-law’s house, with my wife and our nephew. That means a weekend watching TV!

Harry Potter – First 3 Movies

So, our nephew never watched Harry Potter (!!!!!) and was really excited for it, so we watched the first 3 movies: The Philosopher’s Stone, The Chamber of Secrets and The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Watching it reminded me how many people were complaining that Hermione should have ended with Harry. But, I think Ginny was the one Harry should have ended up with anyway. And considering he’s the main character, the debate is not Hermione/Harry vs Hermione/Ron, but Harry/Ginny vs Harry/Hermione instead. And for me, it’s a big win for Ginny!

Yes, I’m right, you can applaud!

Next Gen

This one used to pop up on my Netflix suggestions and I never gave it much attention, but it’s actually pretty cool! Jokes, action, a bit of emotion. Nice for a Saturday night.

A friendship with a top-secret robot turns a lonely girl’s life into a thrilling adventure as they take on bullies, evil bots and a scheming madman.


Not much to say about this one. If you like movies about WW2, it’s good!

A chronicle of the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who was taken prisoner by Japanese forces during World War II.

Psycho Nurse

This is a Lifetime movie which is… not so good. It’s very cliche and predictable, but still entertaining. But THE ENDING. It absolutely sucks, although I think Lifetime is known for its terrible endings.

A private nurse hired to care for a sick boy sets her sights on becoming his mother instead.

Caught Up On Fire Force, Starting Black Clover

This weekend I caught up on Fire Force, by Atsushi Ookubo, who also created Soul Eater. It’s GREAT, currently at chapter 218. It’s nearing it’s end, and the author stated that he plans to end it around Vol. 30, max. 50. Sadly, he also said that this would be his last manga :(

So, I asked Twitter what should I read next, and Black Clover was one of them, as I have seen a lot of praise for both anime and manga. Unfortunately I forgot to add a few options there, but Twitter only allows up to 4 anyway so…

Anyway, Black Clover was the chosen one, and I’m glad I started it. I started reading it yesterday, and today I’m already at chapter 38, having read the first 3 story arcs. So far, I’m enjoying it a lot!

Recently Watched Movies

This week I watched a few movies, one by myself and the others with my parents. I added the link to each of them.

Steven Universe: The Movie (Link)

So, Steven Universe was trending on Twitter, and I discovered it was because there was a new season. And there was also a movie I didn’t see? Talk about being not informed.

The Zookeper’s Wife (Link)

Video about a Zoo in Warsaw, Poland, that helped jews escape the nazis. Great movie!

Coffee & Kareem (Link)

Comedy movie, a kid that swears a lot. It’s funny, if you want something easy to watch. Nothing memorable though.

The Hustle (Link)

Anne Hathaway! That’s all I needed to know, haha. Decent.

John Wick: Chapter 2 (link)

Even though my parents didn’t watch the first movie, they still watched chapter 2 with me, which was awesome. I’m psyched for chapter 3 now :)

Digimon Adventure is Back!

I’m 32, so I grew up to the original Digimon and Pokemon series. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised that Digimon is back, and also that they are rebooting it and telling a different story.

I enjoyed the first episode, but I had to admit I was mainly for nostalgia. There was something missing in this first episode, and my guess is 2 things:

It was too fast

I mean, Tai goes into the NET, Koiushiro learns about everything in a minute, Agumon evolves, and then he just accepts it like that? I think a bit more suspense and build up would be good. Also, the next episode is called War Games. Aren’t we going too fast?

Different Vibe

So, on the original show the cast is suck into the digital world and are stranded there, without knowing much about it. It’s a completely different thing, as Tai seemed to be suck into the intermediate layer, and Koushiro is not. This means that the series could go end into an episodic monster/catastrophe of the week, with less build up and exploring than the original.

So last night I tried to mull over my thoughts to best explain what was bothering me about the new Digimon Adventure.
Imagine if someone was doing a Lord of the Rings remake. Imagine if in the first episode of the Fellowship of the Ring season they started with a gang of Orcs attacking the Shire and it was up to Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin to grab swords and fight them back. Together, these four fight back an entire Orcs raid and save the shire. All in the opening arc of Lord of the Rings.
That’s what the new Digimon Adventure is doing. It’s so fucking weird.
It’s just really counter to the core identity of Digimon to start your series off by having your protagonist save the entire world, all before your adventure begins.


But I still liked it

Don’t get me wrong: I liked the episode and I hope it end being as great as the original series. I’m going to keep watching it for the upcoming weeks to have a better opinion.


Just have a look at this Brazilian opening for the original Digimon anime. Later seasons featured the correct songs, in Portuguese, but well… go ahead…

Playing Trumpet Again

One of the things you might not know about me, is that I used to play trumpet and saxophone (and started learning bagpipes). I started on trumpet at school marching band, then started a conservatory, and then private sax lessons. Since I was young, playing was a huge part of my life, even though I wasn’t so big on practicing.

Updates – Mar. 19, 2020

It’s been a while since I posted anything. With everything that’s going on in the world and consequently, in my life, it’s easy to forget and just not update here.

So, as least for now, everything is fine. I’ve been working from home since the end of February, and I came to Brazil (my home country) on March 11, just a bit before everything blew up. Of course, that leaves me with the question: When will I return to Canada?

And this is a difficult question to answer. There are benefits and risks on both places, and of course, the risk of traveling.

If I stay here, I’m in my parent’s house, it’s easier to go out to walk around a bit and don’t get into contact with anyone. On the other side, Canada is my home now, and where I have good health insurance. So basically, I’ll wait a few more days to decide what to do.

For now, I’m working from here (as my whole company is working from home anyway), watching Netflix with my parents and chilling at my old house. So far so good!

Everyone stay safe, and use this time to read, develop your hobbies, play games!

Covers I Love: Raon Lee’s Digimon OP – Butterfly

I used to listen to many song covers on YouTube. Even though I don’t do that much anymore, I still like to discover cool new covers and versions.

The cover I’m sharing today I used to listen to a lot. I remember the first time I discovered Raon Lee’s Digimon cover, I just kept listening to it on repeat, and every time I would listen to it again, it would be at least like, 3 replays.

Watching now: The Donna Reed Show

Last week I decided to start watching The Donna Reed Show on Prime Video. I just started it to kill some time with 60s TV, but in the end I’m watching it a lot. At least, it replaces the habit that me and my wife developed recently of watching a lot of YouTube. At least for me, it’s a better way to spend time on TV.

Also, usually I don’t watch things with too many episodes, and Donna Reed has 275. But still, at least it’s not something that if you stop, you are wasting all the time invested. There’s no story arc happening, and each episode is an individual story. That helps A LOT.

It’s basically a feel good TV show, that started airing in 1958, has great actors in the main roles (Donna Reed and Carl Betz as the main couple), and was one of the first shows to have a female lead.

You can check more info on Wikipedia and