Music Monday: TAEYEON (태연) – Something New

Starting a new column here: Music Mondays As you may expect, I’ll be recommending music on most Mondays. To start, one of my favorite singers, Taeyeon, and her newly released MV, Something New.

As a bonus, BlackPink’s DDU-DU DDU-DU

That’s it for today folks!


Light Novel Releases: June 17 Week

This is a slow week for light novel releases: no new series, and only 3 releases from ongoing series.

Ongoing Series

Infinite Stratos

Volume: 2
Release date: June 18
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Author: Izuru Yumizuru

“I’m Charles Dunois. I come from France,” “Bodewig. Laura Bodewig.” The girl-packed IS academy has two new exchange students: the handsome boy Charles and the German girl Laura. Dashing young Charles, a representative of France, is the second male IS pilot after Ichika, and the girls are already head over heels. Meanwhile, platinum blonde Laura’s lithe frame belies a contempt for Ichika that strays into physical violence. What caused her grudge against Ichika? What secrets are hidden by Charles’s nonchalant élan? The IS are rearmed and ready for action!

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Clockwork Planet

Volume: 2
Release date: June 19
Publisher: Seven Seas
Author: [‘Yuu Kamiya’, ‘Tsubaki Himana’]


Three weeks after the attempted purge of Kyoto Grid, Marie receives a mysterious transmission. She heads to Mie Grid to investigate with Halter, Naoto and RyuZU, but what they find is something–or someone–none of them could ever have anticipated! The thrilling second volume of the gearhead fantasy set in motion by Yuu Kamiya x Tsubaki Himana x Sino.

Purchase: Amazon

Outbreak Company

Volume: 4
Release date: June 22
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Author: Ichiro Sakaki


A passage to another world has been discovered in the “Sea of Trees” near Mount Fuji. That other world is the Holy Eldant Empire, and it’s a full-on fantasy universe, with dragons flying through the sky and everything! The Japanese government, eager to profit from this discovery, secretly sets up a company called Amutech to promote trade by bringing otaku culture to the benighted inhabitants of this land. But wouldn’t you know it, their secret got out! Or anyway, it’s about to. And that’s bad, right?

Amutech general manager, former home security guard, and thoroughbred otaku Kanou Shinichi has a solution, and it’s so otaku it hurts: he wants to hold a magical cosplay contest and photo shoot. And in the process, he may be surprised at what he learns about the hidden talents—and the hidden past—of his personal bodyguard, Minori.

Shinichi is in for more than he bargained for (again!) in Volume 4 of Outbreak Company!

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Light Novel Releases (June 10 Week)

This week we have 1 new series starting, and we also have 6 releases from ongoing series.

New Series

Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average In The Next Life?!

Volume: 1
Release date: June 12
Publisher: Seven Seas
Author: FUNA
When she turns ten years old, Adele von Ascham is hit with a horrible headache – and memories of her previous life as an eighteen-year-old Japanese girl named Kurihara Misato. That life changed abruptly, however, when Misato died trying to aid a little girl and met god. During that meeting, she made an odd request and asked for average abilities in her next life. But few things – especially wishes – ever go quite as planned.

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First Impressions: Netflix’s The Hollow

Today, The Hollow premiered on Netflix. This is a supenatural mystery animation, and I was curious about it, but unfortunately it didn’t delivered, at least on episode one.

The premise is interesting enough: three kids don’t remember who they are, and are confronted with many dangerous mysteries. The story and script are nice. It’s on the animation, dubbing and pacing that it doesn’t do a good job.

The animation feels a little bit strange, unnatural, and reminds me of some older point and click games I’ve used to play on my computer. And also does the dubbing. It may be the animation fault, and not the dubbers, but sometimes it feels like it’s just someone patiently practicing the script. And with this, the pacing gets way too slow, of course.

With the first episode feeling like a pilot, I won’t be continuing the series, unless I read some great reviews praising the series from episode 2 onwards.

Light Novel Releases (June 3 Week)

This week we have 1 new series starting, and we also have 4 releases from ongoing series.

New Series

Napping Princess

Volume: 1
Release date: June 05
Publisher: Yen On
Author: Kenji Kamiyama

When Kokone sleeps she dreams of Heartland, a place full of technology and warring machines, where she’s the Princess Ancien who possesses magical powers. But when events in her dreams and real life start to intersect, Kokone has to run from bad guys in both worlds. Will her dreams provide a way out, or get her into deeper trouble…? The light novel of Napping Princess will be available May 2018!

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Ongoing Series

Demon King Daimaou

Volume: 5
Release date: June 03
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Author: Shoutarou Mizuki

Akuto has awakened as the Demon King, and has declared that he will kill the gods. Flying on the back of his dragon Peterhausen, he soars into the sky above Constant Magical Academy to face thousands of troops — including Eiko Teruya and his good friend Junko Hattori. He’s also opposed by his friend Hiroshi Miwa who, unbeknownst to the world, is secretly the anti-magical supersuit-wearing hero known as “Brave.” Akuto has Fujiko and his horde of demon beasts on his side, but will it be enough? Meanwhile, Keena seems to hold the key to Boichiro’s appearance, and to the greatest mystery of all: the future of humanity.

Purchase: Amazon

Invaders of the Rokujouma!?

Volume: 13
Release date: June 05
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Author: Takehaya

After Theia receives a distressing message about her mother in Forthorthe, she’s forced to make what could be a life-changing choice. Does she rush home to be with her family in a time of need, or does she stay on Earth to complete her trial with the friends and the boy she’s come to love so dearly? Nothing is simple, however, when it comes to the politics of a galactic empire. The trouble runs deeper than it seems. Koutarou is reunited with a few old friends, one of which he’s not too happy to see.

Purchase: Amazon

Me, a Genius? I Was Reborn into Another World and I Think They’ve Got the Wrong Idea!

Volume: 2
Release date: June 07
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Author: Nyun

Kouki Arakawa has been reborn in a Japan that’s unlike the one we know, and everyone seems to have gotten the idea that he’s a genius.

When Kouki and his friends decide to spend their summer vacation visiting a lunar base, Kouki inadvertently unlocks the secrets of an ancient alien civilization without realizing he’s about to once again change the world forever. As the nations of the world become increasingly fearful of Kouki, it’s only a matter of time before the world’s leaders try to take control of him and his friends.

In an all-out effort to protect her son’s freedom, Miki decides it’s time to execute Project Ark. “Just think of it as a slightly unconventional holiday villa.”

Now Kouki’s the messiah in another world?! Kouki continues to go from one misunderstanding to another in volume 2 of this insane sci-fi comedy!!

Purchase: Amazon

I Saved Too Many Girls and Caused the Apocalypse

Volume: 8
Release date: June 09
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Author: Namekojirushi

Rekka is still striving to help Mio, Ellicia, Corona, and Lyun, but things are only getting more complicated. When Mio starts to get her memories back, she reveals an ominous prophecy that really ups the ante on resolving these girls’ stories. The fate of Earth is at stake if Yang gets his way, but Earth isn’t the only place in danger. Can Rekka save both his world and the spirit world at the same time? Or will this be the first time he can’t achieve a happy ending for everyone?

Purchase: Amazon


New Bluetooth Earphones

Finally I’ve bought new earphones. After many years using stock earphones that come with my smartphones (Lumia 920 and Zenfone 3), I’ve decided to get a pair of Bluetooth earphones.

It took some time for me to decide, because I didn’t know what I really wanted and how much I wanted to spend. But in the end, I decided to buy a cheaper pair, and then in the future I’ll buy something better. Or not.

Initially I wanted some noise cancelling headphones, but they are expensive, usually bass focused (I don’t like it), and also I use glasses, and have some problem with my ear-jaw articulation, so headphones aren’t that comfortable.

I decided to buy the Anker Soundbuds Flow. The isolation is good enough, as it comes with 5 different sizes of plugs, and the sound is more neutral than most of the other earphones. It has a good bass, but it’s not that much enhanced as in other options.

So far I’m very happy with my purchase. It’s very convenient to use during my 1:30 hour long commute to college, and when I’m working at the computer. And it doesn’t have a noticeable lag when watching videos, as I was able to watch anime on my phone without getting annoyed by the delay.

PS: I lost them at Anime North last Sunday. So don’t trust the magnets that much, especially if you’re using a backpack and are in a crowded convention.