Manga From The Library #FridayReads

Today I went to the library to pick up my hold: the first Oh My Goddess! manga. This is one of my favorite anime of all time (if not my favorite), and I couldn’t even try to come up with an excuse not to have read it all these years.

The only downsides are:

  1. It’s in western format, with pages from left-to-right, instead of right-to-left. Didn’t check inside yet to see if the pages are inverted, to also be read left-to-right;
  2. I couldn’t find the second volume at the library system. Maybe they don’t have it anymore. But at least I know they have other volumes.
Oh My Goddess! Vol1 – Wrong Number

I also saw this book, Tokyo Fashion City: A Guide to Tokyo’s Trendiest Fashion Districts, and decided to borrow it too. Even if I’m not going to read the whole thing, at least it’ll be cool to see the pictures and read some parts.

Tokyo Fashion City

Friday Reads: July 20th

This week I finished reading Neverseen, the 4th book on the Keeper of the Lost Cities series by Shannon Messenger. It’s one of my favorite series at the moment, and it’s a shame that I took so long to read this book. But now I already put a hold for the next book at the library.

Death Bringer Skullduggery Pleasant #6

And also, after a few years, I’m finally continuing to read the Skullduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy, with the book Death Bringer, the 6th in the series. Back in Brazil I’ve got to read the previous books, but they stopped publishing the series without any notice. So, I kept waiting for the next release, which never came. But now I’ve got it in English in my Kindle. 😁

If you’re wondering, one of the reasons I didn’t get an English version before is because all characters names were translated or adapted in Portuguese, and I didn’t want to relearn all of them.

I’m now at 11%, and  I’m really glad I’ve returned to this series. The humor is great, and the story and the characters too. I hope I can finish it soon and start the next one in the series: Kingdom of the Wicked.

AX Light Novel Announcements

Anime Expo 2018 happened on the previous weekend, and it was awesome to see all the new light novels announcements. Below I’m going to comment the titles that caught my attention, for good or bad.

J-Novel Club

Amagi Brilliant Park (MAL)

I mentioned this title on the post Top 3 Light Novels I Want, so as you can guess, I’m very happy with the announcement. The anime was great, I loved it’s humor and story, and I’m very curious about what happens after the ending of the anime. It has 8 volumes and is already finished!

Kokoro Connect (MAL)

Another Kadokawa title that is also already finished. I didn’t watch the anime, but I already heard about it, and the plot seems very interesting.

Yen Press

Bungo Stray Dogs (MAL)

I only watched the first one or two episodes of the anime, and although I didn’t continue, it did had a very interesting plot. I think I’ll have way more fun with the novels, so I’m going to give it a chance.

86 (MAL)

If I’m correct, this was considered the last year’s best new title. I’m interested on it, but I’m not so sure because of the racism present and how I’m going to actually enjoy it. But I’ll be paying attention to the reviews, for sure.

Penguin Highway and The Night is Young, Walk on Girl

These are not actually light novels, but regular novels, and this is actually what makes me interested on it, as I’ve never read a Japanese novel.

Seven Seas

Mushoku Tensei (MAL)

HELL YEAH! I’m actually surprised that it took that long for this title to be licensed, because it has to be one of the most requested series. The downside is that it’s only coming next year.

Classroom of The Elite (MAL)

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

I’m a bit interested on it, and the reviews and ratings put it here in the end. I was interested on the anime when it aired, but didn’t watch it because I didn’t have time, and in the end, I forgot about it. Maybe now (next year) it’ll be time to read it.

Light Novel Releases: June 15 Week

This week we have 5 releases from ongoing light novel series.

Ongoing Series

The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind!

Volume: 4
Release date: July 15
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Author: Gamei Hitsuji

Suimei continues on his journey towards the Nelferian Empire, now with Lefille in tow. He has to add her new “problem” to his growing to-do list, but it won’t be the only thing he’s worried about by the time they get to the capital city. A strange military figure doesn’t seem to take kindly to their presence there. Meanwhile, Reiji, Mizuki, and Titania’s demon subjugation is put on temporary hold for an emergency rescue mission. They’ll make an interesting discovery or two along the way. And just where is Felmenia in all of this?

Purchase: Amazon


Volume: 10
Release date: July 17
Publisher: Yen On
Author: Ryohgo Narita


Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The Dollars and anyone associated with them have been disappearing one after the other. Is it because those who once called themselves comrades have decided to strike off on their own? Maybe it’s because of a plot concocted by the adults of the Awakusu Group, the black market dealers, and the information brokers?

Purchase: Amazon

Magical Girl Raising Project

Volume: 4
Release date: July 17
Publisher: Yen On
Author: Asari Endou


The violence continues in the 4th installment of Magical Girl Raising Project. Numbers dwindle as alliances grow. Do these girls have what it takes to win it all!?

Purchase: Amazon

The Unwanted Undead Adventurer

Volume: 2
Release date: July 17
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Author: Yu Okano

Rentt Faina has achieved Existential Evolution, evolving from a Skeleton into a Ghoul. His next objective: rising the ranks and becoming a Copper-class adventurer! But to do so, Rentt must face his next greatest challenge… A written test?!

Using his years of wisdom and the help of two companions, Rentt tackles the challenge head-on. But the worst is yet to come as Rentt finds himself in yet another pickle as he tries to prove his innocence to none other than trusted guild member, Sheila, as she raises concerns over his potential involvement in a recent string of adventurer disappearances.

On his journey, he accepts a new quest, leading him to a new area that pits him face-to-face with a mighty monster of the bog! Will Rentt make it out alive to prove his uninvolvment in the disappearances and retrieve a highly-valued medicinal herb? Or is this the second end to the fate of our hero as we know him?

Purchase: Amazon

Demon King Daimaou

Volume: 6
Release date: July 21
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Author: Shoutarou Mizuki

Constant Magical Academy has a new transfer student named Keina Doronz. Not only does she have almost the same name as Akuto’s friend Keena, but she also has an identical bird-shaped hairpiece — the same one that Akuto bought for a crying girl when he was a child. Who’s the real girl from his memory? To make things more confusing, this unknown girl is demanding that Akuto take her on a date!

Hilarity and magic school shenanigans ensue when Keina joins Keena, Junko, Korone, and Fujiko as they circle around our favorite hapless Demon King, Akuto Sai.

Purchase: Amazon


3 More Light Novels I Want in English

As an anime fan, it is common to watch a light novel based anime and end up wanting more. Unfortunately, many times we don’t get an English translation (official or not). I already posted 3 novels that I want a translation, and now I’m here with 3 more.


This anime was so fun. A lot of misunderstandings, funny situations, and characters that we can relate to. I’m very curious about how everything is going to be, and how they are going to fix all those misunderstandings.

You can buy the anime at Amazon


With two anime seasons released, the show delivered a wonderful blend of story, service, characters and the doujinshi world. As I love this kind of story, about creators or the industry, I had a great time watching it, and I would like to see what’s happens next.


This is kind of a guilty pleasure, but again, it’s a light novel about light novel authors. With the English release of A Sister’s All You Need, hopefully some publisher will release Eromanga-sensei too.

First Impressions: Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro

This anime was not originally on my watchlist, but in the end I decided to give it a chance.


The “dramatic extreme going to school comedy” manga follows the titular female high school student Chio Miyamo, and her adventures to commute to school every day. Chio runs in to problems both big and small, such as construction, a biker gang, a sudden urge to use the bathroom, and more.

The premise is very simple: Chio is a student who always has many obstacles when trying to get to school in time. It’s not much, really, but I guess for a comedy anime might be enough, or not.

At the first episode, we see two different occasions where Chio is having trouble trying to get to class in time, and how she reacts and what she does to try and arrive in time. So far both the situations and her reactions and plans were funny and made up for a good episode, although not comedy gold.

The animation, art style and voice are also good and fit the style of the anime very well.

While I had fun during the first episode, I’m still not sure if the title will be able to step up its comedy, and I fear that the novelty might wear off halfway through the season. But only time will tell. I had fun, but this title is not going to be a priority on my watchlist, and I suspect it’ll end up on my on hold list after a couple more episodes.

You can check for more information about it on Anilist. You can also follow me there!